AWANA Registration Lawndale Baptist Church

By Lawndale Baptist Church (other events)

3 Dates Through Sep 27, 2019

Registration for AWANA 2018-2019 at Lawndale Baptist Church

AWANA clubs at Lawndale Baptist Church:
    Cubbies Program- Ages 3 and 4 (clubbers must be potty trained). NOTE: This program ends at 8:30pm. Group meets in the Annex basement.
    Sparks- Kindergarten through 2nd grade. This group utilizes the church building (Sanctuary and downstairs auditorium spaces)
    Truth and Training- Grades 3-6. This group utilizes the Church, Annex, and Cedar Grove Christian Academy gymnasium for gametime.
    Trek- Grades 7-8. This group utilizes the Victoria House and Cedar Grove Christian Academy gymnasium. This group also has a Leader-in-Training program for interested clubbers.

NOTE: Due to limitations with the online registration software, when registering more than one clubber,  Name, Birthday, and Grade for subsequent clubbers (clubbbers 2-4) are listed as optional when registering. This data however is required from our administrative standpoint for additional clubbers as this will help the AWANA Directors be best prepared to place your clubber in the correct group. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.